My Story

A Geographic Journey

I have been interested in Geography and its related fields since I was a kid. The epic journey began when I was approximately 5 years old. At that time, I was given my first geographic gift; it was a set of country flag cards that covered countries all over the world, and on the backside of them, they had country demographics and other related geographic information about the country.  From there I began collecting stamps with my father (who was an avid stamp collector) which gave me further exposure to all the nations of the world.  I started collecting my own stamps from my father, who used to supply me with his duplicate stamps.  Out of mere curiousity, I would track down where the country was located on my handy world map. After years of sorting through and locating all of the countries of the world, I ended up winning my elementary school's Geography Bee. In addition, I created and generated my own maps with paper and a pencil. This involved creating make-believe countries, atlases, cities, and road maps.  All of these little things have led me to become passionate about my love for geography and its related fields.

Currently, I am a GIS analyst and am enrolled in Graduate School pursuing a Master's in Geographic Information Technology (with a concentration in Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing). My interest in geography has evolved to include Remote Sensing, Cartography, GIS, Spatial Analysis, Geospatial Sciences, Geoweb, and Geomatics.

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